What is Vitalistic Chiropractic?

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“The theory that the origin and phenomena of life are dependent on a force or principle distinct from purely chemical or physical forces.”


Mechanism V. Vitalism (What Makes Vitalistic Chiropractic Different?)

Eastern and Western medicine are hemispheres apart. They are directly opposite each other. And, there are innate reasons why. Before we get into how they are different, how are they the same? Both seek to heal, it’s just the difference of when. Western medicine is described as largely mechanic. There are different parts of the body (nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, etc.), and each is attended to by a specialist of those precise areas, called upon when the body is experiencing dis-ease. It is largely a reactive mode of medicine, and supremely necessary at times such as an appendectomy or injury. 


Eastern medicine, and correspondingly, Vitalistic Chiropractic, is a preventative type of medicine that seeks to heal the entire body by allowing the nervous system to communicate without disruption by removing blockages. Vitalistic Chiropractic specifically removes these blockages by adjusting the vertebrae to allow the body to heal itself and align. When the spine is out of alignment, we call it subluxation. This in turn reduces your nervous system’s capacity and diminishes your overall health potential. 


Our Bodies Can Heal Themselves With Help From Chiropractic Adjustments


It’s more than just “cracking your back.” Chiropractors who enable vitalistic techniques analyze the entire body and are able to pinpoint disruption. A Vitalistic Chiropractor helps you regain your energy flow. Subluxation, or misalignment, is often caused by toxins, stress, and trauma. Think about the times in your life when you felt the worst. (Don’t worry, we won’t be here long.) It was hard right? You probably weren’t sleeping well, or you may have just gone through a particularly difficult time in life. Maybe you weren’t eating nutritiously, but rather were ingesting food laced with chemical processing instead of natural, healthy ingredients. Life was out of alignment.


Now, think about the times when you felt amazing! You had great relationships with your friends, family and co-workers. And, you were exercising and eating nutritious foods. Maybe you were also partaking in self-care practices like meditation and yoga. In sum, your body was communicating within itself and the outside world, effectively. This is vitalism at its core: healthy communication. Vitalistic Chiropractic recognizes and aides this flow with targeted and intune adjustments to the spine and vertebrae to help every part of the body function in unison. It doesn’t compartmentalize. Nor, does it “fix” a problem. It helps your body solve its own dis-ease by facilitating its natural rhythm and healing abilities. 


Finding a Vitalistic Chiropractor in Denver


There are many types of chiropractic clinics and offices in Denver, yet not every doctor practices Vitalistic Chiropractic. Many still treat sports injuries and chronic pain, or offer “affordable” solutions to quick fix you. Yet without the special adherence to vitalism, many standard chiropractic sessions will leave you healed only momentarily, with the pain returning in a matter of time.


A Vitalistic Chiropractor will help you get on a plan for long-term health and wellness through a series of sessions aimed at aligning the body to heal itself in between the times you see your Chiropractor, knowing that with proper alignment, you have the potential to heal yourself. Recognizing that energy flow through the physical plane of the nervous system is what separates Vitalistic Chiropractic from the rest.


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