Your $15 a Month Subscription Provides Food For  Families in Colombia + Three Small Businesses in the USA


The outpouring from the community to support small businesses has been absolutely beautiful. If you are looking to donate and support health care service providers, here is one way to spread assistance even further. Subscribe to The Wellness Tribe’s content-rich digital magazine for $15 a month and 10% will go to feed families in Colombia (the more subscribers, the more families we can help!), while 90% will go toward supporting three small businesses’ operating costs here in the United States.





Who Are We?

We are a group of health and wellness professionals that rely on touch to provide our services. Meet Dr. Maggie McInnes, Chiropractor, Mauro Gonzalez, Personal Trainer located in Colorado, and Kit Glover, Movement and Mindset Specialist located in both Medellin, Colombia and Melbourne, Australia.
Denver Prenatal Perinatal and Postpartum chiropractor in Denver CO
Dr. Maggie, Mauro and Baby Luka
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What Do I Get From My Subscription?

A practical, insightful and incredibly useful arsenal of wellness tips for the whole family twice a month. Additionally, you will be directly impacting Colombian families with basic essentials and food each month with your subscription.