Family Chiropractic on South Pearl in Denver

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The whole family functions together when the whole family feels better! 

Chiropractic care varies from practitioner to practitioner. Dr. Maggie McInnes is a chiropractor for the entire family, from infants to seniors and every walk of life in between. 


Chiropractic care is perfect for every age.


As a pediatric chiropractor, Dr. Maggie McInnes of The Wellness Tribe on South Pearl in Denver’s Platt Park neighborhood (just south of Wash Park), helps make sure that our special little humans are balanced and well from the beginning. As a chiropractor for pregnant women, we employ the Webster Method to help turn breech and transverse babies so that moms can have the hope of a natural or unobstructed birth. 

And, as a chiropractor for adults, The Wellness Tribe seeks to help you get back in alignment from working desk jobs or from repetitive movements all day. Chiropractic can also help with chronic pain, hormones, allergies, neck and back issues, sciatica, and more.


The body innately knows how to heal itself, but only when it is aligned.


Vitalistic chiropractic is a subset of chiropractic in that it uses gentle adjustments to heal subluxation (a type of disjointment), so that your body’s nervous system doesn’t have any disruption. This way, the body can communicate with itself better so that you can heal yourself. 

Sounds like magic, but it’s actually physics and biology. Which, is quite magical in itself! The human body is magnificent in all it can do. Yet, when one area of our body isn’t functioning as well, it can result in symptoms like pain (both physically and emotionally).


When should I go to a Chiropractor?


Well, if you’re reading this, you might be experiencing some of the common symptoms of subluxation. These can include:

  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Trouble moving a certain part of your body or joint
  • A breech, transverse, or sunny side up baby for pregnant women
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Uncomfortableness
  • A feeling of being off-balance
  • Depression and anxiety (please also consult with a mental health professional)


How should I start Chiropractic Care?


Well, when we prioritize our health, we become well. It is a journey and the journey could start today if you want to! If you are vibe-ing with us here at The Wellness Tribe, simply click here to schedule your initial visit. Our Denver chiropractic clinic is located at 1855 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210 (on South Pearl in Platt Park, just south of Wash Park). You can also reach us by phone at (720) 257-3122. You can find our prices for Chiropractic care right here. Come on in and begin your holistic chiropractic path toward wellness and harmony within your mind, body and soul.


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“Maggie is a highly skilled chiropractic professional who brings as much knowledge about the human body as she does compassion and caring. Her true passion lies in improving the wellness of her patients and seeking an organic and holistic approach to healing and caring – which comes across immediately and genuinely. She has a lot of positive energy she imparts to her patients and is truly dedicated to their wellness. Her care goes well beyond being only a chiropractor, which is evident after even one visit/adjustment. Highly recommended!” – Leni K.