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“After a session with Dr. Maggie, my baby was positioned the right way!!” – Kimberly, The Wellness Tribe patient and expecting Mom

When she came into my Platt Park chiropractic office (near Wash Park in Denver, CO), Kimberly told me that her OB/GYN had discovered that her baby was transverse. This is one of the breech positions in that the baby was laying sideways. It doesn’t take a doctor of any specialty to determine that nope… baby cannot come out that way. She needed to be “flipped” as they say. And, soon. She was nearly eight months pregnant.


A side effect of the Webster Technique is an 82% chance it helps turn breech, transverse and sunny side up babies into the correct position for delivery. 


Our bodies are amazing, but that doesn’t mean they always work perfectly. Chiropractic, and specifically the Webster Method, can help babies turn the way they are “supposed” to (head down and facing Mama’s back). This allows for the infant to be delivered naturally and safely. Many of the pregnant mothers that I see are hoping for a non-medicated birth experience. Not all, but many. It could definitely be a Colorado thing and surely has been a trend in the past couple decades. So, when mothers get the news that “if baby doesn’t flip, we’ll have to plan for a C-section,” it can be devastating to hear (if that wasn’t your plan).


The Webster Method creates balance in the pelvic and uterine ligaments which allows the uterus to take its natural shape. When it’s not being tugged on by tight ligaments it allows enough space for the baby to turn. While we can’t claim that the Webster Technique “flips babies,” it does help to create “room in the womb” for the baby to potentially “flip” itself ahead of delivery.


Ideal Pelvic Positioning at The Wellness Tribe Chiropractic in Denver


If you’ve been given this news and are worried, wanting to take proactive steps to do anything possible to have that natural birth of your dreams, chiropractic at The Wellness Tribe is here for you. I love working with pregnant moms. As a mom myself (to a sweet, caring, and loving little boy), I know that we try to do the best we can. That’s where the Webster Technique comes in. Discovered by Dr. Larry Webster, to use the method, chiropractors target the “sacrum, hips and ligaments that may be twisting, pulling, or weighing down your uterus.” 


When baby has more room to move, she can more easily get into position.


When you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy, baby has less and less room to move. With chiropractic care, we, as doctors are able to help your body align, which helps it function better within itself, and correspondingly, for baby. Vitalistic chiropractic, which is what I use at The Wellness Tribe, is a way of adjusting your body so that it can heal itself. The Webster Method is no different. It is a gentle technique that simply assists your own body to function the way it was designed to. 


Is it magic or medicine? Maybe both.


Have you gotten word from your doctor that your baby is breech, sunny side up, or transverse? Time to look into chiropractic! Finding a Webster Method certified chiropractor can be a bit daunting, but you’ll want to be treated by someone that you feel drawn to. Read more about The Wellness Tribe here. And, if you think we’re a good fit, consider booking online for your Webster Method appointment. We are located in Platt Park (just south of Wash Park), in Denver, CO at 1855 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210. You can also call us to schedule at (720) 257-3122. See you soon!


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