Chiropractic for Immunity During COVID-19

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Dear Practice Members,


I’ve decided to reach out and acknowledge each and everyone of you and your efforts to keep you and your families healthy.  I know that for all of you, health is an utmost priority and I want you to know that I am here to support you in whatever way I can. I want to ensure that you all stay well- physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally- during this obscure time.  


Until further notice, The Wellness Tribe will keep its doors open.  I am taking all precautions to maintain a disinfected and safe space for you and your loved ones to come and receive chiropractic care.  You can rest assured that the chiropractic tables and door handles will be regularly washed and disinfected. As tenants in building 1855 S. Pearl St, we have also received word that the building as a whole will be disinfected and cleaned with greater frequency. I will also be disinfecting and washing my hands between each visit. 


I want you to know that my family and I are personally limiting our social interactions so as to keep ourselves well, and to limit any possibility of spreading infection.  My priority aside from keeping my family safe and well, is to be of service to the community and keep the practice open unless otherwise mandated.   


I am extending my hours offering house calls for those who want to continue their chiropractic care, but feel more at ease staying in their home. I have opened Fridays for online booking and can open more hours if need be.  Home visit services will be available at an additional cost of $50 per household for homes within 15 miles of the practice and for $75 for homes further than 15 miles of the practice.  The fee is in place to account for travel time. 


I want to remind you all that chiropractic is a very safe and powerful way to boost the immune system.  After one adjustment the thymus can produce up to 40% more T-Cells than pre-adjustment. These are cells that make up a very active and important part of your immune system fighting against bacteria and viruses! Just imagine, each time you get an adjustment it is like taking an immune boosting vitamin! We have data and research that proves the immune system significantly benefits from spinal adjustments. (a.)


You cannot control the coronavirus COVID-19 (or the flu, common cold, or any infectious disease!)  but what you can control are the things you do to support your own health. There’s no new way to outsmart a virus, all you can do is go back to the basics to help you stay healthy. Eat well, sleep well, drink water, and get adjusted.


Supporting you health and wellness,


Dr. Maggie McInnes


  1. Changes in biochemical markers following spinal manipulation-a systematic review and meta-analysis. Musculoskeletal Science and PracticeVolume 29, June 2017, Pages 120-131


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